How to support us on

Hello guys! At the beginning we want to thank you very, very much for your support.

We are using a polish website where a lot of people are fundraising money for their dreams (travelling, new bike, new home), to fight with their diseases and other charities. Below you find an information about how to donate our project. We want to gain a 5000zł which allow us to prepare properly our car to safe travel.

First, you go to the website . And click (1) „Wpłać teraz” which means „make a deposit now”.


Next you will see the window where you can write how much you want to donate (2). Write your e-mail address (3) and name or nickname (4). (5) ou can cross if you don’t want other to see who donate the money.


The best way to pay from international account is the traditional transfer (6) then choose how many percent of your donate you want to give to the website (7), accept the regulations(8), then click „Wpłać teraz” 🙂 (9).


After that the pop-up window with information about transfer account will show up. You need to click „Dalej” (blue button).


Then the final window show up where you can switch the language to english (10).


Thank you very much again!


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